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Exceptional recipe contributors wanted!

Are you looking for a way to increase your visibility, get backlinks to your own website, or get your content in front of more eyes? Do you specialize in AUTHENTIC regional recipes from one or two areas of the world, and enjoy capturing amazing photos of those recipes? Yes?! Then you’re in the right place!

I am looking for a handful of exceptional individuals to contribute to Taste Of The Place.

The info…

The ideal contributor

It just might be you, if…

  • You are absolutely passionate about sharing amazing regional food! You probably own more cookbooks than you really need, love to peruse food blogs, and especially love spending hours in the kitchen trying out new recipes.
  • You enjoy sharing your well-tested recipes through creative writing and interesting stories.
  • You have a great eye for styling food, and the skills and equipment to capture beautiful, high-quality photos of that food.
  • You have an upbeat, positive attitude that shines through in your lighthearted, uplifting writing.
  • You’re open to suggestions and collaborations.

The time commitment

I would love to establish an ongoing relationship with contributors to Taste Of The Place, rather than taking one-off contributions. I ask anyone who is accepted as a contributor to submit at least one recipe post every 3 months.

The topics we cover here at Taste Of The Place

Our focus is on regional recipes – in other words, recipes that are especially connected to a particular place in the world.

This can mean both well known regional dishes, like paella from Spain, or unique and mostly unheard of dishes, like a family soup recipe from Afghanistan. As much as I would love to try a bite of your grandmother’s peach cobbler, her recipe probably isn’t a good fit for Taste Of The Place. However, if your grandmother’s recipe is accompanied by a true story of how this particular dish was developed on a plantation in Georgia – then we’re in business!

Basic recipe post requirements

While Taste Of The Place is not positioned specifically as a “healthy” blog, I am committed to focusing on REAL food. That means any recipes need to be made from scratch, without utilizing heavily processed or fakey-food ingredients.

Recipes must include several interesting, well-written paragraphs of conversational information – such as how the food connects to a particular place, a bit of history, or your personal connection to the dish.

The Taste Of The Place audience is primarily based in the US, that means temperatures must be in Fahrenheit and measurements in US standard.

The tone should be light-hearted, positive, and friendly. Use your own conversational voice in your writing, but please ensure it is clear and easy to follow. This is all about the joy of exploring the world through food – so have fun with it!

Be sure to edit your submission before sending it my way. I will make minor edits if needed before posting, but poorly written submissions will be rejected.


Photography is key at Taste Of The Place.

All recipes must include at least two high quality, high-resolution images of the finished dish. Here at Taste Of The Place, that means aesthetically pleasing, sharp, and taken in good (preferably natural or natural looking) light.

All photos must be owned by you, or you must be granted clear, written permission to use it by the owner. Royalty free images pulled from sites like Flickr or Unsplash will not be accepted.

Unobtrusive watermarks positioned at the bottom of your own photos are welcome and encouraged! You might as well throw your name, website, or logo on there for added exposure, right? 😀

How to get started

Let’s connect! Fill out the application below, and if it seems like we will be a good fit to work together then I will be in contact within a few business days to discuss collaborating. Please note that any applications that aren’t filled out as directed or that I feel aren’t a good fit will be disregarded. Thanks for your understanding! 

Regional recipe post contributors wanted at TasteOfThePlace.com