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Beautiful, professional videos & photos for your brand

Take your food blog to the next level with professionally produced recipe videos.

You know that video is an important part of reaching your ideal audience, and developing those raving fans that we all want. But great looking videos take a lot of time, and require specialized equipment and skills.

If you’re busy developing recipes, writing articles, managing all those social account, and the other bazillion things that we bloggers do, then trying to squeeze in video production and editing is pretty much out of the question.

Instead of trying to squeeze yet another to-do into your already overflowing week, or simply throwing up your hands and saying, “forget this whole video thing!”, why not let me do it for you?

I specialize in short recipe videos that are upbeat, fun to watch, and engaging. Take a peek at a few of my videos at

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Make your website, cookbook, or next food project shine with beautiful, professional food photography

Ah, photos of food… they can be deliciously drool worthy, or completely cringe worthy! If you struggle with making your food look as good on camera as it looks on the plate, or if you simply don’t have the time, inclination, or equipment to commit to your food photography, then it may be time to add a professional food photographer to your team.

I specialize in natural light photography, with an emphasis on simple and inviting style and composition. You can take a peek at my portfolio over on my stock photography gallery at

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I am so excited to be developing this program for you!

As a food blogger with a background in acting, on-camera work, and videography, I am uniquely qualified to help you overcome the obstacles to creating your own pre-recorded cooking shows and live-feed cooking videos (featuring YOU, with your beautiful, sparkling smile, and tasty recipes).

FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your video and photography needs

Whether you just need to brainstorm a few ideas, or are looking to hire professional help – I’m your girl! I love to chat food, blogging, videography, and photography, and would especially love to talk about you, your brand, and your particular video and photo needs.

Just use the contact form below, and I will reach out soon to schedule a time to hop on the phone together. Can’t wait to connect!