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Julie Cockburn

Real food cook • Food Photographer & Writer • Video personality • Spokesperson • Real food advocate


Like most of us, my road has taken a lot of twists and turns. While I was quietly developing a love and passion for food, I was also honing my skills as a speaker and presenter. I feel so fortunate to be able to combine those two paths into an amazing career publicly inspiring others to embrace the joys of real food!

My interest in food began in my early 20s, as I began seeking alternatives to the processed food that was the norm at the time. Growing up, I had experienced a handful of physical discomforts and illnesses as a result of my diet, and had witnessed several loved ones die as a result of diet related illness. My journey led me at different times to try eliminating meat, dairy, all animal products, and gluten. What I finally discovered for myself was that simply focusing on REAL food (food that it not heavily processed) was the best choice for me. And that’s a good thing, because I absolutely LOVE food and hate the idea of eliminating such delicacies as hand crafted cheese and artisan breads.

A 15 year career working front-of-house in fine dining restaurants exposed me to many aspects of food – presentation, balance, traditions, exotic flavors, food trends, how to “dine” vs. just “eat”, and food and drink pairing.

Following my restaurant work, I transitioned to natural grocery. I spent two years working in the specialty department at Whole Foods Market, learning more than I could imagine about cheese, chocolate, regional delicacies, wine, coffee, and tea from all around the world.

Most recently, my interests in real food have led me to the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, for which I am a voluntary US super ambassador. The ambassador program has given me the opportunity to share my passion for enjoying real food with an even broader audience, and empowered me to make a bigger impact

Meanwhile, an interest in acting took me to the stage. I began taking acting classes and workshops, and starting performing with the local theater company. Theater work then led to commercial work, and finally to being an on-camera spokesperson.

Today I am blessed to utilize my entertaining and speaking skills to effectively share my love of food.


I would love to speak at your events, participate in televised cooking segments, act as a spokesperson for your real food product or service, or host an ongoing cooking series.

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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Voluntary Ambassador of the month, August 2014

Named Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Super Ambassador for the US

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