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Julie Cockburn with Taste Of The Place cookbook

The Taste Of The Place cookbook is here!

This delicious collection of tasty regional recipes, intriguing cultural tidbits, and drool-worthy photos will tempt food lovers everywhere to embark on a culinary journey!

  • Enjoy over 50 authentic, region recipes from real kitchens around the globe, each accompanied by beautiful, full-color photos.
  • Each regional chapter explores what makes the food from that area so special.
  • Gain personal insights into the culinary cultures of 13 different parts of the world. 
  • The areas of the world we will explore together – Argentina, China, Curaçao, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Romania, South Africa, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, The Midwest United States, and The Southwest United States. 

Order your copy of the Taste Of The Place cookbook today!


What people are saying

“As a spice merchant I am always searching for cookbooks that combine great recipes with cultural flavors and history.  Taste of the Place is one of the best books I have found to connect cultures, people, and flavors through deliciously approachable recipes and meaningful family cooking stories.”

“Anyone can find something to try in this cookbook. The cutting techniques and spice info are great, plus the introduction about the country and the dish before each recipe gives the user a sneak peek into the region before trying the dish.”

“I had the opportunity to make a few of Julie’s recipes – they were not only delicious but inspiring. Taste of the Place contains many diverse recipes that bring the taste of the world to your family table!”

Featured recipes from the book

Hi there!

My name is Julie, and this is where I share my love of all things regional food and culinary travel.

You’ll find lots of delicious & approachable recipes from around the world, with a focus on real, whole food ingredients & authentic flavors, plus tasty cultural tidbits & even the occasional culinary travel tip.

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Order your copy of the Taste Of The Place cookbook today!