“Cooking and eating in a foreign country
may be the surest, truest way to its soul.”
– Luke Barr
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Here at Taste of the Place, culinary travel is my thing! I offer customizable, private group tours; small group tours with exceptional travel companies; and individual adventures tailored to you, all with a focus on connecting with local cultures and experiencing regional cuisines, throughout the world.

The dreaming begins with a complimentary, no pressure travel consultation. Just click on the Travel Inquiry button, fill out the info, and then you and I will get together via phone, Skype, or email to start dreaming about your culinary adventure!


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These are my best bits of advice on how to explore the world, both near and far, through food.

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Culinary travel through Taste of the Place is about exploring the world through food. After all, what better way is there to get to know a place and its people, than by authentically experiencing its cuisine?

Whether you choose a customized trip, tailor made just for you, or one of our exceptional small group tours, you can expect a generous daily serving of  amazing, locally crafted foods and food experiences.

But travel is about more than just eating. Taste of the Place travelers explore the world to get to know new cultures, and experience the beautiful sights and sounds that make a place unique. Rest assured, every Taste of the Place vacation will give you the opportunity to interact with the community and explore the highlights of the region.

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